That’s what prospects want to know before they even engage with you. “How do I know you’re the real deal?” is their unspoken question.

The answer at least in part can be found in your online LinkedIn presence including posts and blogs.

In the 21st century marketplace, where over half of B2B buyers begin their purchasing journey online, providing precisely targeted informational materials is not a luxury. It’s the number one way to establish credibility.

In the olden days (my attempt at humor) marketing messages were broadcast through print media, advertising, direct mail and, brochures. These “look at how great we are” messages weren’t very effective then and now have just about disappeared. More often than not they ended up in the wastebasket no matter how pretty or expensive.

Valuable information specific to your market proves you’re trustworthy. Like it or not, showing your prospect industry-specific expertise goes a long way to demonstrate your solution works in their situation.

It’s past time to drop the features and benefits of marketing in favor of pull marketing which means simply pulling your targeted prospect’s attention towards your business.

Pull Marketing tells your ideal client:

Who you are

·       Why they should even listen to you

·        How you can solve their problem.

·        How you’re different from others that do the same thing

The obvious billboard to show who you are, your personal brand, is your sticky LinkedIn Profile.  Along with valuable content and industry news, your optimized profile proves you’re the real deal.