You’ve heard it said that no matter your service or product, people buy you.

Your LinkedIn Profile is the first place over 70% of your prospects go to get to

KNOW you. Your photo and branded background is a critical first impression. If that grabs attention then your summary is the first place they get to know you professionally.

Summary Section

Only the first two lines are visible in the default view. Make them count by engaging your viewer. Remember nobody cares about what you did in the past so forget about resume’ style.

Include the following:

What problems you solve

For whom

And how

Your specialties list is a must because Google picks up key words

Experience Section

The experience section defaults to full view. List your current position first because that company shows up in your headline section.The experience section is more formally about you and your company.


Company overview

What industries do you serve

What successes have you had in the past

Why are you different

The Experience section where you add your media. Media can be a short intro video, a published article or a presentation video clip.

Want to find out if your profile stacks up, draws attention and gives you credibility.

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