Stop wasting time being frustrated and bust through these 5 common LinkedIn myths and start “Prospecting for Profits: the LinkedIn Way.”

1) LinkedIn is social media – LinkedIn is NOT passive social media where you post and hope. LinkedIn is active and engaged virtual marketing. Connecting and messaging on LinkedIn is responsive and proactive

2) LinkedIn posts are the same as posting Facebook – Posting anything and everything including what you had for dinner diminishes your brand. A LinkedIn posting that informs and adds valuable insight enhances your brand. Scrolling through my feed and seeing you have nothing much to say except cute slogans or a quote from people wiser than you does nothing to build your credibility.

3) LinkedIn is used for Selling -. Pitching on LinkedIn is a turn-off. Do you tend to jump in and say ‘yes” to people who either spam your inbox or send canned notes? Canned templates are the opposite of authentically “getting to know you” via LinkedIn.

4) LinkedIn is Hard to Use – Actually, if you have a committed LinkedIn marketing process in place, you have a routine that takes less than 45 minutes a day. Less time than driving to one meeting and much less frustrating than sitting in traffic. The key is to build LinkedIn into your lead generation system daily.

5) LinkedIn is 100% FREE – Not a 100% myth There’s no charge to post your profile and business page (business pages are getting more notice), no charge to make connections, no charge to read your feed, no charge to search for a particular person or join a group. That’s where the FREE ends.

Using LinkedIn effectively to target your Ideal prospect is made so much easier if you have a subscription to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. Well worth it in my opinion. Sales intelligence and targeted searches are just two of its features.

When and if you get serious about driving views to your profile, there are low-cost automated systems that work like having SEO for your LinkedIn profile.

Want to know more about how to Optimize LinkedIn? Contact me direct and we’ll bust through your LinkedIn Myths,

Marilyn August