These days you’re being checked out on your website and on LinkedIn before prospects even consider doing business with you.  Marketers say it’s a “sticky” website when viewers are so engaged that they stick around and fill out your contact form. In the same way you want hundreds of viewers to SEE and stick around your LinkedIn profile page.

Having a Optimized LinkedIn profile page is like having a sticky website. But that is just the start.

LinkedIn Lead Machine is like having  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your profile page.  Our system drives profile views automatically like SEO drives website views. Better yet, It targets your Ideal prospects based on defined filters .  Let’s say your search brings up 500 possible leads. If you work the system manually, you have to click on each individual profile, spend time reading,connecting and building bonding and rapport.

Our secret sauce saves you time and money by Managing LinkedIn follow-up and follow-through for you while at the same time automatically driving profile views.

How it Works

When you’ve  looked at a LinkedIn Profile, your name automatically goes into that  person’s  “who viewed your profile” dashboard.  It looks like the image below and can be found mid-profile page

Human nature is such that a good percentage of professionals want to see who’s looking at them and why. The more “who viewed your profile” lists you’re on, the more targets see your profile.

100 Views  = 100 possible engagements by beginning of bonding and rapport  leading to a warm call and profitable business.

Don’t have time or interest in clicking through hundreds of profiles a day? We do it for you with our artificial intelligence  (known as a bot) running in the background while you’re closing more deals in less time and making more money.