These days people check you out before doing business with you. by searching you on GOOGLE you. Google displays your LinkedIn profile on the first page even before your website.

And with LinkedIn is Its all about  being seen; getting profile views means getting attention.

Your Profile is your branded billboard  –  your professional statement that tells prospects why they should do business with you.

Profile views = Relationships = Sales

LinkedIn  Gives You

Over  400 million members ✱ 77% of users are age 25 and above
Average household income $83,000 and above ✱ Faster (2x) active user growth
than either Facebook or twitter

NO Optimized  Profile = NO ATTENTION = NO SALE

An optimized profile is not a resume’

It has  following components:

  • An attention grabbing action headline

  • Your Unique Value Proposition defined

  • Your professional photo

  • Personal branded background

  • Media Enriched with your video and/or white board animation

The best part: