By now most of you know that one of my really big pet peeves is getting pitched on my LinkedIn messaging. My definition of “pitched” is someone I don’t know, have never heard of and obviously hasn’t read my profile writes me about their ——-.

Last week, I got pitched by someone telling me about their transformational, magical program that would make me a great TED talk speaker.

It said something like, they would teach me presentation skills because they’ve been working on their awesome e-book. Well, I’ve been speaking and training large and small groups for let’s just say – a long time.

Their message just happened to hit me when I was in a feisty mood. Usually, I just ignore pitches which is what I recommend to my clients. This time I replied something like;

You obviously haven’t read my profile. Who taught you to pitch mass messages to LinkedIn Professionals? Please take me off your mail list.

I copied and pasted the reply they sent. I hope you get the punch line and smile with me.

My sincerest apologies for the bother. I completely understand as we are bombarded with sales and ads throughout the workday. I will be sure to not send further messages.

In the spirit of transformative communication, 

I left the name off to protect the guilty

After I had a good laugh I wondered have we dummied down or what?

Seriously – stop pitching on LinkedIn. It messes with your brand big time. Don’t know what to do with and about LinkedIn. It starts with your sticky profile, your personally branded billboard where connections and prospects get to know you.

PS –  LinkedIn is changing the profile interface once again. Your profile photo is moving to the left side of the page among other changes. If I wrote your sticky profile within the last year and the new interface doesn’t work with your branded background, contact me and I’ll fix it at no charge.