Why Tawni? She’s smart. She has me trained. She’s cute. She gets noticed and her tail wags a lot. Even tall burly men stop to pet her. She evokes positive emotions and conversation.

Just today, during our walk, a complete stranger stopped and stuck around for a 10-minute conversation. He told me about rescuing a street dog. We shared a mutual connection, as dog lovers, who believe in rescuing. As I always say, Tawni rescued me. Tawni and I continued walking. I was smiling, feeling good knowing a little about a stranger’s core values.

What does all this warm fussy have to do with building awareness and engaging prospects on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional B2B platform where prospective clients get to know you. Before they even get to know you, they have to stick around long enough to notice you.

Tawni says.” if you’re always busy licking your own paws, nobody will stick around

Human Translation. A boring, self-centered “I’m so wonderful” profile says – move on. Why would anyone want to KNOW you, much less like and trust your business solution.?

Today 77%  of buy decisions begin online. A professionally written sticky profile grabs strangers’ attention. Strangers (prospects)  stick around, connect and as LinkedIn says, the conversation begins.