The easy answer – caller ID and voice mail! Quoting from the most recent stats – there’s a 3% call through rate. Meaning of every 100 outbound calls, 3 may get answered by a live human. Then and only then can a skilled cold caller get 30 seconds to introduce themselves.

In the olden days before the net (yes, I’m that old) companies would buy thousands of cold prospects lists and “dial for dollars.” They might hire a sales intelligence company to find their way to the decision maker. Maybe after several calls and rejects, they’d finally get through to the gatekeeper.

Her (it was mostly a female) job was to guard the decision maker. When I enrolled in my first sales  training, there were modules on how to befriend

the gatekeeper so she opened the gate. 

LinkedIn eliminated the old fashioned gatekeeper. LinkedIn has more than 500 million users. Each one of those professionals has a LinkedIn profile. No gatekeeper guards the decision maker.

Long Live LinkedIn Marketing – want to know more about how to turn a virtual handshake (connection) into a scheduled warm call, then just

e-mail the word YES