A Working Business Model for B2B senior consultants/contractors.

During my corporate days as a training manager for various large corporations, I was laid–off more than once due to re-organizations and downsizing. No matter what they called it, support functions, such as training, were the first to go – bye-bye.

Somehow I managed to be a champ at finding jobs working for the “boss from hell” or being on the wrong side of internal politics. Who knew? I thought doing a good job was enough. Boy was I wrong.

I was in the process of developing my Wealth & Wisdom Seminar series when I was fired from my last job.

I call it the “Divine Kick in the Butt.”

You may have received the same kick or you may be a natural independent solopreneur. It doesn’t really matter if it’s by choice or chance, you’re in control of your own destiny. That’s one of the many reasons that you’re some of my favorite people. 

Going it on your own can sometimes be filled with crushing challenges you never imagined. At the same time, it’s fulfilling offering your expertise and wisdom to your clients.

My dilemma became how do I manage to fulfill my clients’ requirements and at the same time generate new clients. Solving that problem took me down a path to my  Triple 3 Business Model.

Please note: this is more useful if your brand of consulting or contracting is typically a 3 month or more retainer that includes you to be engaged with your client. If you’re selling low cost packaged programs to mass audiences, this model is NOT for you.

The Triple 3 Business Model is simple to execute and manage

3 Clients – Fulfilling for 3 clients at a time (income producing)

3 Prospects – Contract in process with 3 potential new clients (marketing & sales)

3 Leaving – Completing with 3 clients (asking for referrals)

Your inner circle has a total of 9 ideal prospects or clients. You do not need to have thousands of likes (likes never went to the bank) or LinkedIn connections to have this model work for you.

Are you still feeling overwhelmed and maybe a bit frustrated thinking about how to generate your next client(s) while busy working with your current clients?

If so, please feel free to “pick my brain.” There’s no obligation and no strings attached to this LinkedIn 30 minute consultation.